Major recommendations in the world: At the Pan-African or regional scale

-    Bilateral Conventions

Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of Guinea Bissau on the development of the Koliba-Korubal river (October 21st, 1978)

Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Niger and the Republic of Mali on cooperation in the use of Niger River water resources (July 12th, 1988)

Agreement between Nigeria and Niger on equitable sharing of their common water resources (July 18th, 1990)

Memorandum of Understanding between Cameroon and Nigeria on integrated sustainable management of Benoue (January 25th, 2000)

-    The African Water Vision by 2025 (2000)
The African Water Vision includes 10 key points for equitable and sustainable water resources management taking into consideration the socio-economic aspects of poverty, regional cooperation and the environment :
Source : icon African water vision 2025 (572.79 KB)

-    Action Plan for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) environmental initiative
It aims at meeting the interests and needs of the African continent and not of an individual country or a group of countries.
Source : ---- icon Nepad Plan (314.76 KB)

-    West Africa Power Pool (WAPP)
WAPP is an ECOWAS specialized institution whose mission is to integrate the operations of national power systems into a unified regional power market in order to ensure the supply of stable, reliable and affordable energy to ECOWAS people.
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-    African Convention on Nature and Natural Resources Conservation (13/07/2003)
The Convention provides that Parties ensure that the policies, plans, programmes, strategies, projects and activities that are likely to impact on natural resources, ecosystems and the environment in general undergo relevant impact assessment studies at the earliest stage possible and that on-going surveillance and monitoring of their environmental effects be conducted on a regular basis.
Source : icon French convention africaine conservation nature ressources naturelles (160.33 KB)

-   Establishment of a coordinating structure for major hydro-power projects in Africa (African Union – July 2008)
Legal and institutional study on the establishment of a coordinating structure for the development of major integrative hydro-power projects in Africa.
Source : :icon UA Creation Struct Coordination Grand barrages 2008 (75.59 KB)

-    The Syrte Declaration (February 2004)
Adopted by the African Heads of State and Government who have targeted water as a priority that deserves huge investments in infrastructures, notably for the setting up of reservoirs, irrigation equipments and for hydro-power development.
Source : icon ASS04fev (107.58 KB)

-    The AMCOW Declaration 2006
The Ministers reasserted that the development objectives of Africa cannot be achieved unless international rivers are developed and shared within an equitable and sustainable cooperation framework.
This conference is a landmark for coordinated transboundary water resources management.
Source : icon conference conclusions and recommendations (81.03 KB)

-    African Union Heads of State and Government Summit : the Sharm El-Sheikh commitments for fast tracking the attainment of water and sanitation goals in Africa (Egypt, Sharm El Check, 1st July 2008)
The Heads of State and Government commit themselves to accelerating the implementation of their previous declarations and notably the conclusions of the African Water Week on water, agriculture and sanitation issues.
Source : icon UA Sommet Egypt 2008 Eau FR.pdf (197.21 KB)