A process that is open to the contribution of all

IUCN believes that the dialogue can be enriched and the highest level of consensus reached by involving the various segments of the society that can add value to the approval process of major hydraulic infrastructures projects.

Therefore the contribution of the different following groups is desirable:

  • The civil society

IUCN calls on the civil society to get involved in the dialogue so as to gather as many viewpoints and experiences as possible with the purpose of enriching the components of the consensus on major hydraulic infrastructures projects in West Africa.

  • The Parliamentarians

They are responsible for conveying the aspirations of the people to development and therefore can translate their recommendations to increased incorporation of their views in the conclusions stemming from the dialogue. They are represented at ECOWAS in the form of an ECOWAS Parliament. In addition to parliamentarians, the members of the Executive Secretariat, the Council, the Secretary General of the Parliament, staff members, the parliament has experts in all development fields to guide the parliamentarians in the debates and decisions during the sessions...

  • The users

The various users (irrigation, hydro-power, recreation, fishermen, pastoralists, river transporters,…) are also urged to give their viewpoints on the identification and implementation processes of major hydraulic infrastructures