A multi-actor process of interest to all sectors

The pilot ECOWAS

The ECOWAS Water Resource Coordination Centre (ECOWAS/WRCC) is the owner of the study and contracting authority.

A panel of experts is put in place as a WRCC consultative body

The activities of the panel are placed under the supervision of the Director of the Centre. Only WRCC is responsible for publishing the reports of the panel. The high level consultant experts are duty-bound to observe confidentiality. The panel is made up of  a wide range of expertises:

  1. A water resources specialist as the coordinator.
  2. An environmental sciences specialist.
  3. A social scientist, specialist in the participatory approach.
  4. An economist.
  5. A specialized agricultural engineer specialized in irrigation.
  6. A dam specialist with hydro-power skills.
  7. A legal expert, specialist in international water and environmental law

The International Office of the Water ( OIEau) is appointed by the ECOWAS as the consultant


The States and basin organisations are requested to review decision-making processes




ECOWAS calls on IUCN, WWF and GWP  to contribute their expertise  

The technical partners members of the Steering Committee will contribute each in their respective field of competence.