Mission of the panel of experts

The specific objectives of the panel of experts are :

  • To analyze the decision-making processes and make recommendations;
  • Synthesize the findings of the various impact assessments of projects in the pipeline: positive and negative impacts,
  • Analyze the measures recommended to mitigate negative impacts,
  • Table the findings for discussions and derive an evaluation of the potential for regional integration through these infrastructures.

Specific recommendations will thus be developed on the impact assessment and mitigation methodologies as well as off-setting the negative impacts of major infrastructures in view of using them for future projects.

The panel will pay particular attention to the respective Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the infrastructures.

 Therefore, they will participate in the different following phases :

  • « Technical» analysis of the impacts ;
  • Presentation and debate with the civil society;
  • Development of recommendations based on the consultations.

The principle of the selection of experts for the panel was validated during the first Steering Committee meeting on January 16th, 2009 in Ouagadougou (ref. report of the first Steering Committee meeting). The terms of reference were also validated during this meeting.