Ghana dams dialogue III (2009-2010)

To build capacities and provide tools for improved decision making on dams related issues which would lead to equitable, transparent, participatory and sustainable development of dams in Ghana.  

  • To provide recommendations and practical guidelines of primary use to the Bui Development Authority for managing impacts on dam affected communities (upstream and downstream of Bui), particularly those related to agricultural livelihoods and food security, through targeted studies.
  • To share information and increase awareness about resettlement and dam related of issues affecting local communities and build capacity, amongst key stakeholders of the public, private and NGO sectors, at different levels from national to local, through roundtables and other learning mechanisms, and to bring on board very relevant stakeholders who hitherto have not been actively involved in the dialogue process.
  • To bring together representatives of all dam affected communities including Bui area and other relevant stakeholders to deliberate on problems of the townships to come up with a common agenda for action towards the redress of the negative impacts of dams on the affected communities.
  • To understand decision and governance processes in Ghana related to the development and management of multi-purpose water resource projects and to evaluate the contributions of a multi-stakeholder dialogue towards influencing decisions.

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